Search Engine Optimisation

Maximise your website’s chances of gaining new visitors and higher rankings in search engine listings.

Implementing an SEO strategy will promote your website’s online presence and improve the way it’s treated when its pages are indexed.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website and its position in search results. The SEO services on offer can vary greatly from one SEO company to another. Some procedures become unusable because of abuse by spammers while unethical practices force search engines to continually adapt their algorithms—the ways in which they collect data and store web pages.

At NuVolution Media we keep up-to-date with changing practices and only use ethical SEO approaches, ensuring your website is optimised for future growth.

According to, over 45 billion web pages were indexed by search engines across the web as of December 2012. Therefore ensuring that your website performs at its very best is more important than ever. The solid SEO strategies we employ will give your website the boost it needs to remain competitive in natural search listings.

SEO Services

Our search engine optimisation is divided into three levels of service—basic SEO, advanced SEO and premium SEO. Each level uses strict and ethical procedures that produce search engine-friendly pages and code. We also keep up-to-date with the latest trends and indexing mechanisms of the most popular search engines to make sure your website is as ‘searchable’ as possible.

Basic SEO Methods: Research and Analysis, Site Testing, Keyword Strategies, Page Titles, Meta Tags, Markup Optimisation
Advanced SEO Plans: Web Copy Optimisation, On-site Link Development, Image Optimisation, Sitemap Creation (HTML and XML), Search Engine Submission, Webmaster Tools
Premium SEO Techniques: Code Optimisation, Website theming, Re-structuring, Statistical Tools, Analytical Tools

Using SEO procedures from all three levels can significantly boost search engine performance. However, if your site structure or code is not ‘search engine-friendly’, SEO efforts can be severely hindered and money and time may be wasted. A more effective strategy would be to improve the structure and/or coding of your site. Both of these services will enhance the user experience and can improve customer feedback—your business will experience higher customer conversion rates and repeat business.

Negative SEO Countermeasures

Occasionally, websites are targeted by competitors using shady tactics with the intention of reducing the site’s popularity with search engines. Some search engines will stop indexing websites altogether causing them to be ‘blacklisted’, which is difficult to recover from. If you have fallen victim to negative SEO or bad publicity on the web, we can offer you counter measure services.

Other Information

NuVolution Media also undertakes off-site procedures for increasing web traffic, bringing you more visitors. Check our web marketing services for more information.

What We Don’t Do

We do not in participate in any SEO techniques that we consider unethical or just plain wrong. We believe they are not worth the short-term ‘success’ they can produce and in the long run you risk being penalised by search engines—a penalty that can sometimes be irreversible.

We tend not to focus on reciprocal linking programmes. Inbound links are a welcome way of boosting web traffic as long as they come from quality websites. So, rather than passing your PageRank to other sites or competitors, we strive to keep it within your own site. We prefer to work on receiving quality, one-way, inbound links from sector-specific websites.