Advanced SEO

Our advanced SEO plans focus on website copy, content and code. Quality content that is well written will attract visitors and good coding practices are attractive to search engines.

Ethical tricks and strategies are an important part of optimising your site but there is no substitute for great content. Quality content will encourage visitors to return, recommend you to others and even link to you, therefore boosting your PageRank!

SEO Plans

Includes features from our basic SEO methods plus the incorporation of the following services to create a strong, long-term SEO plan for your website:

  • Body TextOptimisation of copy for each page, or the main landing pages for large sites.
  • Links—For site visitors, links are used for navigation. For search engines, links add more power to the way the topic of the page is interpreted and emphasise the targeted search words and terms of your website.
  • Image OptimisationAlternative text is not only good for SEO but also aids accessibility for those using screen readers or text-only web browsers. Improvements to image file sizes will increase the loading speed and reduce bandwidth of your pages, with no loss of image quality.
  • HTML Sitemap—Creation and optimisation of HTML sitemap, where needed.
  • Search Engine Submission—Submission to various major search engines and web directories including the most popular as well as those specific to your sector or subject.
  • Google Webmaster Tools—Creation of Google Webmaster Tools account. You will be able to see how Google views the pages of your website. They also supply web traffic data and diagnostics of any problems that may hinder browsing experience.
  • XML Sitemap—Generation of an XML sitemap and submission to the major search engines. This will enable search engine crawlers to index your web pages more efficiently.
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