Negative SEO

Have you or your business suffered from bad publicity or direct negative feedback over the web? Adverse comments can harm your online reputation and unethical SEO procedures can damage your website’s reputation with search engines.

Although removing unwanted comments, articles or negative SEO attacks may not be possible, NuVolution Media maintains strategies that can combat these problems.

Counteracting against negative activity can take various forms. Our strategies are future-proof, which means, once your website starts to recover, and as long as the strategy stays in place or the effects are not reversed, you should start to climb the search engine rankings again.

Negative SEO Countermeasures

Here is a brief list of some of our methods for combating negativie SEO:

  • A look at your website’s code can reveal if there is anything that may cause search engines to penalise you including keyword spamming, content duplication and cloaking methods.
  • Article writing can be a very useful method to combat negative publicity and reputation.
  • Blogging is a good way to cancel out negative press and comments. We can create a blog for you and develop a blogging strategy.
  • Search engine reconsiderations can remove your website from any ‘blacklists’, putting you back into the regular search results. Other web directories are also considered for this service.
  • Public articles or comments that have been posted on sites such as forums or wikis can be edited or responded to and is a useful method to consider.
  • Generating extra inbound links is another way of boosting your website’s performance in search engines.

These services are subject to your requirements and may be used in conjunction with each other or as stand-alone services. We do not operate on a set fee basis but we provide a free, comprehensive, ‘per project’ quote based on the services required and the work involved.

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