Website Conversions

NuVolution Media offers a website conversion service for clients looking to improve their users’ online experience. Our conversion methods take various forms: upgrades to the latest coding standards and working with images to produce the markup needed to make the design a live reality on the web.

Transforming Table-based Layouts to CSS

Most website upgrades involve converting a table-based layout into semantic HTML and CSS layouts. Table layouts are still very common across the web but have gone out of fashion as an appropriate design method. It is more advantageous to leave the look and layout to CSS files as this greatly improves the usability of a website and search engine performance can only get better. An additional benefit that results from clean code is web pages that are easier to maintain and modify as required.

Converting Images to HTML & CSS

NuVolution Media can produce HTML markup to make your designs work on the web. We take the image files you supply and convert them to the necessary HTML code so your pages display exactly as intended. We can create web page conversions from any image format including .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff and .eps files. We also work with native Adobe formats such as Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), InDesign (.indd) and .pdf files.

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