Website Accessibility

The most important thing to think about when it comes to web design is visitors. We have perfected our design and coding practices to ensure we deliver first class content and ease of use for every web user.

Our methods take into account users with visual disabilities who use screen readers instead of standard web browser software. Many people use text-only browsers that strip away the visual aspects of websites such as images, background colours and other graphical elements. The websites we produce display correctly no matter what software or device is used to view them. They also degrade gracefully so that the layout and content still display as intended in older web browsers that do not support current coding practices.

Another point to keep in mind is visitor customisation—they may resize the content to their needs or use settings other than their browser defaults. We take all this into consideration before we code any pages. In addition, all our web code is W3C valid and adheres to web accessibility guidelines.

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