Web Code Validation

As the World Wide Web has grown, so too has the number of web users. Not only is the number of people increasing, the ways in which they connect is getting more diverse. Some people with accessibility issues use text-to-speech browsers as well as an array of input devices.

The large number of hardware and software options available makes website development more challenging. There are also many platforms and devices which need to be considered. Some websites may look and function well on a PC running Internet Explorer but will be totally unusable to someone viewing the same site on their iPhone running Safari.

NuVolution Media can ensure your website will work across any platform, on any browser—including screen readers—and on any device or monitor size and resolution. Check our web coding services below for more information on what we can offer you.

(x)HTML & CSS Validation Service

We can check your website for validity against W3C specifications. Our approach is to review your web code and send you a report, free of charge, outlining what needs to be modified according to your expectations or needs. Any amendments you require can then be applied to your website.

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Website Accessibility Services

If your web code—(x)HTML/CSS—is already valid to a W3C specification, many accessibility issues will have been covered. However, some websites need to be accessible to a wider audience than others. The law may require you to provide access to your content and functionality to everyone including those that have disabilities. Some users are visually impaired and use screen reading software. Others cannot use a mouse so need full browsing and navigation capabilities via their keyboard or other device. Even if you are not legally bound to consider such matters, you may wish to provide for as many people as possible.

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